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Postby Spectre » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:00 pm

That Xotic BB sounds really tasty! I've really got a thing for ODs and boosters with a little dirt.
I've moved away from pedals that do all of the clipping, and leaned towards effects that let the amp do the work and add just some extra dirt and sparkle--this one seems like it might do the trick.

That said,I've got boxes and boxes of pedals: stock, modded and homemade. While I don't have just one favorite, there is one pedal that I seem to bust out more than the others--well, two that I use more than the others: my self-modded MIJ Boss SD-1 and a stock Ibanez BB9.
The BB9 really adds some nice bottom end to my signal and also a little extra dirt.
The modded SD-1 is a different beast. Yeah, I could dial the DRIVE all the way up, but I don't. I have before on the clean channel, and it sounds killer. But, I usually have it set at about the 10 o'clock position, TONE at about 1 o'clock and the LEVEL at 2-3 o'clock position.
Sounds great no matter which one of my tube amps I'm using!

After add of the mods I've done to various pedals, especially SD-1s--I really found the secret ingredient with this one. It's certainly my "go-to" pedal.
Definitely a Tube Screamer Killer.

I have other pedals I really like, too--for other things. Just depends upon my mood. I like my Blackstar DX-1 HT-DistX. I use that in front of my Marshall Class 5. The Class 5 pretty much sucks balls in the gain department, and is pretty flabby and farty. With the Blackstar in front--it SCREAMS! It's the only thing that keeps me from geting rid of the Class

One pedal I picked up before leaving Alaska, just because it intrigued me--was the Boss EH-2 Enhancer. Now, this is a really interesting pedal. You don't hear much of a first. After you've played with it awhile, then don't use it--you notice the difference. It really brings out the nuances of your picking and string attack.
Since I'm rebuilding my pedalboard, yet again--this one will stay on it.
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