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Postby DamagedInTransit » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:16 am

Just lifting from another thread:

DamagedInTransit wrote:Also, forgot to mention, if you want a cute little amp, this thing is great, although I'm not a big fan of their stock cabinet. Sounds better through my Marshall cab but that kind of defeats the purpose of having such a small amp.


I REALLY like the saturated (relatively) tones I can get on the clean channel. Someday, I'm gonna replace the speaker or maybe the whole cab I have for my 112. Like Treva says, it's too middy for my tastes, especially through that (Carvin) speaker. Anything heavy does not come off as punchy regardless of what I fiddle around with on the EQ. It kinda goes from fizzy to too much mids to muddy but somehow doesn't nail "that" feel. When I run it into a big cab with celestions it's a night and day difference and it comes off sounding very much like my JVM410H but with a little more tonal range (although with less channels, somewhat less flexible although given how flexible it is I hardly notice). Tons and tons of gain for those that make use of it. I rarely have the gain up past halfway to play rhythms.

Haven't played with one, but I imagine the 100w version you have will have more headroom and may even sound fuller? I got my V3M for portability and I have zero complaints in that regard. It's a lot of bang for it's size/cost. I'm definitely the farthest thing in the world from a shredder so I'm not going to embarrass myself with a clip as I doubt you all would gain anything by hearing me beat the crap out of some strings. ;)

Some things I really like about this amp (that are probably very similar features to the full size V3) though are
1) Sep EQ for each channel, like my JVM
2) Foot Switchable lead boost
3) Reverb is decent
4) Full set of controls despite it's shrunken size
5) Cost was incredibly low for the features
6) mood lighting (the colored LED's inside the head were a nice touch)
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Re: Carvin V3

Postby Spectre » Thu Oct 31, 2013 11:40 am

That thing would be easier on my
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